Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Woman's History Month Extra Credit

Students may create an author study over a female author.  The assignment should be on poster board and include the following: a brief biography of the writer which highlights major events in the author’s life.  Students will also need to create a timeline of the author’s life as well as the country and the world around them.  For example, if your author lived during the civil war, women’s suffrage, or the civil rights movement this should be included in the timeline, as major historical events frequently impact a writer’s work.  Students should also have at least three pictures of the author and events in their life.  This can be photos printed from online or copied from books, or student illustrations.  At least two sources should be used for the biography (Wikipedia is not a valid source).  All sources should be cited (this includes sources for photos).

Here are some recommended authors, however students may choose another female writer as long as she meets the following criteria:
·         She is a writer by profession- not someone who is known for something else and wrote a book.
·         Her work is appropriate for school.
·         Students have not already completed an author study on her this year.
·         She’s a woman

Angela Johnson
Sandra Cisneros
JK Rowling
Suzanne Collins
Louisa May Allcott
Katie DiCamillo
Harper Lee
Lorrianne Hansberry
Louis Lowry
SE Hinton
Julia Alvarez
Mary Shelly
Maria Arbatova
Jane Austen
Leslie Marmon Silko

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