Tuesday, September 11, 2012

We're getting in the swing of things!  Right now seventh grade is reading and analyzing myths while eighth grade reads poetry and prose pieces focusing around journeys.
Both grades have impending vocabulary quizzes, additional information can be viewed through the school database.
Tomorrow students will receive a print out of their reading levels according to STAR Reading, the software the school uses to measure reading growth.  This print out will have students' Grade Equivalent (GE) as well as a Zone of Proximal Development (ZPD).  The GE will read as a a whole number followed by a decimal, such as 9.3.  A student with this GE has a reading level comparable to a ninth grader in the third month of school.  The ZPD is a range of numbers which suggest book levels for students to read with in.  A student with a GE of 9.3 will have a ZPD of 4.7-9.3, this means the books with reading levels between 4.7-9.3 are ideal for this student.
If you have questions about a student reading results please let me know-these test aren't always exact and students can re-test or another assessment can be given.