Tuesday, December 6, 2011

7th Grade Midterm Review

Students will take midterms next week.  Midterms count as 25% of the students semester grade, yes, one test weights the same as an entire six weeks grading period.  Students will take their ELA midterm on Wednesday, December 14.  The midterm will be multiple choice and is not designed for students to fail.  If a student studies, truly studies, then he or she will do well.  Below is the review for the seventh grade midterm.

Happy Studying!

Expository Texts
1.    What is the purpose of expository texts?
2.    True or False: Expository texts often reflect on writers opinions.
3.    Instructions or how-to documents are also known as what?
4.    What is “circumlocution?”
5.    What is “recursion?”
6.    What are the characteristics of the “Problem and Solution” organizational pattern?
7.    What are the characteristics of the “Description” organizational pattern?
8.    What is “Narrative Interspersion?”
9.    What are the characteristics of the “Cause and Effect” organizational pattern?
10.   What is “Comparison?”
11.   What are the: must haves, might haves, and wont haves, of expository text?

Poetry and literary language
Know the definitions and be able to find examples of the following:
·         Idiom
·         Hyperbole
·         Repetition
·         Refrain
·         Personification
·         Simile
·         Metaphor
·         Assonance
·         Alliteration
·         Figurative language
·         Literal language
·         Stanza
·         Rhyme
·         Rhyme scheme

Be familiar with: author, uses of literary language, rhyme scheme, and message of the following poems:
·         “The Raven”
·         “Annabel Lee”
·         “Gold”
·         “the earth is a living thing”
·         “It was a Long Time Before”
·         “Abuelito Who?”
·         “Sleeping in the Forest”
Know the following about Edgar Alan Poe:
·         Date of birth
·         Who adopted him?
·         What happened to Poe in regard to his first love
·         Know about his wife and their relationship prior to their marriage
·         When did Poe die?
·         Know some of the theories around his death

1.    What is an autobiography?
2.    What is a biography?
3.    What is the purpose of reading a biography or autobiography?
4.    How are messages influenced through media?

Know what good readers do
Be able to define, identify and ask the following types of questions
·         Literal
·         Interpretative
·         Evaluative
·         Universal

Know plot elements
Conflict types

Mood & tone

Know how many steps are in the writing process and its order.
Know what happens in each step
What is a participle?
What is the difference between a regular and irregular participle?
Be able to change participle tense
Know the purpose of a subordinating conjunction.
Know what AAAWWUBIS is.
Know what an independent clause is.
Know what a dependent clause is.
The traits of Ernest Hemingway’s writing

Word Study/Vocab
Know the difference between a root word, prefix, and suffix.
Know what languages root words are commonly borrowed from.
Know the meaning of the following:
·         Bio
·         auto
·         Tele
·         graph
·         Pre-
·         Re-
·         -ology

Know the definitions of the following:
·         Terse
·         Perception
·         Culminate
·         Recessed
·         Archaic
·         Fauna
·         Manuscript
·         Vigorous
·         Evolutionary
·         extravagant

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