Thursday, July 7, 2011

More reading!

When summer started I anticipated enjoying much more free time.  Two months off sure is different as an adult than what I remember as a child.  I'm making the most of my vacation by spending plenty of time with family, and reading as much as possible!
I re-read The Outsiders, but since I plan on reading it with seventh grade this upcoming school year I'm going to keep from blogging about it until then.

 I've also read "The Girl Who Played with Fire," which is the second in a trilogy of mystery/suspense novels.  I don't typically care for this genre but I've making hypothesis along with the series protagonists Mikael and Lisbeth.

Today I took a long bubble bath and finished Jacqeline Woodson's "Hush."  In this novel a girl's father, a police officer in Denver, witnesses two of his colleagues kill an innocent boy.  The father decides to come forward with and testifies against to two other officers.  The girl, Toswiah, and her family must now be placed in witness protection and moved to New York City. They must change their identities and can never speak of their old, happy life in Denver.  Toswiah becomes Evie and hates her new life.  Her family members cope in such different ways that she feels even more alone.  More than anything Evie wants her old life back to feel like she belongs and is apart of something.


  1. Ms.Diaz u shud read nightmare hall the silent scream its relly good i just finished reading it. u shul also try the bar code ttto or stranger with my face or i know what you did last summer!!!:)yes im doin summer readin 2

  2. Shalbir, I'm so glad you're reading! I'm in a bit of a reading funk right now, but I'm hoping to come out of it soon. I hope you're enjoying your summer.